Inspire Recovery was founded on the belief that recovery is possible and everyone deserves to live a purposeful, joyful, and fulfilling life.  Our staff utilizes an individualized approach to provide compassionate and holistic treatment for anyone working towards living the life of their dreams.  We pride ourselves in the authentic connections we make to heal the individuals, family members, and communities we work for.



  •  We know and believe that recovery is possible
  •  We work with trusting hearts, transparent communication, and mutual goal setting. We know this is essential in the therapeutic process
  • We are always authentic and genuine
  • We make sure you know that being part of a community is important—you are never alone
  • We work to collaborate and partner with community providers, as this is the best way to serve clients
  • We will treat people with dignity and respect, no matter what
  • We believe in building off your strengths